What’s new at FSL-India’s Centre for Experiential Living, Kundapur?

What’s new at FSL-India’s Centre for Experiential Living, Kundapur?

Here we are again from FSL India’s Centre for Experiential Living-Kundapur, with news about what is going on in our place. October month arrived and, with it, loads of festivals like Dussehra and Deepavali. We will celebrate them all, however, our work will not stop!


After the high season for camps in India, we are back to concentrating on our daily work and activities. For example, this last month of September, we have hosted an orientation week for the recently arrived volunteers, we have our daily routine of agricultural work based on composting activities, taking care of the livestock, such as the goats and the chickens or maintaining all the plants we have around, or a training on how to grow Azolla.

We also received the visit of a lovely German family of 2 former volunteers in FSL-India, from 1½ years ago. We hosted them and we enjoyed their company and support, since they sponsored some of the wishes we have displayed on our well-known ‘wish tree’. In the feedback of their visit, they appreciated our hospitality and our support to show them our Centre and helping them understand the work we do, which was also highly appreciated.


Jake, from Canada, said he really enjoyed his stay at FSL-India and that he will miss the children he was teaching, the staff and Mello (our dog)! And Sushanth, a lovely kid from Bangalore (India), who came here for a 3-day vacation, said that he enjoyed his stay at FSL-India thanks to the joyful staff and the lovely animals. He even suggested that we get a ‘husband’ for our goat, Rani, so she can have a baby for when he is back at FSL-India for the summer holidays!

Furthermore, we have also continued with our community visits in the neighbouring villages to let them know about what FSL-India is, who we are, and how we can help them. More specifically, this month we have been promoting different things for CEL:

–  Winter camp for the local kids, in which they will have a 3-day camp in which to learn loads of things about                        environmental protection, reduce-reuse-recycle or upcycling while having fun

–   Bee-keeping activity training that will take place at the end of this month

–   Survey on arecanut farmers, since we want to buy a new machine with which to create eco-friendly materials (made        out of arecanut leaves) and sell them, as an eco-friendly income generation activity.


We cannot forget about the local kids who, on holiday, come to visit us and help us with our daily work. Here, along with the volunteers, they practise their English, they learn about how to respect nature and they have the chance of doing some outdoor activity, rather than being alone at home, simply watching TV!

So, gratefully, we can say that, little by little, we are helping CEL to become the Community Centre we want it to be, raising awareness on health and cultural understanding and respect. It is not an easy thing, we must say, but we will not give up.


Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in joining us. We always need an extra helping hand for support!

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