Orientation at FSL-India, Bangalore: 2nd-4th October 2017

Orientation at FSL-India, Bangalore: 2nd-4th October 2017

In the month of October, FSL-India hosted 5 Long-Term Volunteers from different countries, i.e. France, Germany, Belgium, Slovakia and Italy.


For this orientation, FSL-India organized different events for the exchange of ICL (Inter-Cultural Learning). The sessions conducted were ‘Indian’ welcome, introduction to FSL-India, local language class, practical information, Indian lifestyle, safety, project information, volunteer’s role and responsibilities. The volunteers had a chance to participate in Henna application. It was observed that the participants were interested to know about Indian culture and practices. The volunteers actively participated in the orientation.

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Volunteer’s feedback on Orientation week:

–  FSL-India is a great NGO and I personally liked to know about all the others’ projects. We got a good info sheet and       also, the introduction was friendly and kind.

–  We had some great moments and it’s fun to share our first impression about this new culture that we are discovering.

–   It was quite relaxed and I had the feeling that I was able to get to know everyone better.

–   Really cool. I am so happy that I do not feel alone as a foreigner. Also, coordinators, you were very friendly with us.

–   Thank you very much for your support, your kindness, your welcoming, the food, your time, your smile!


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