Kundapur Orientation – October 2017

Kundapur Orientation – October 2017

In the month of October 2017, FSL-India Kundapur hosted 2 Long-Term Volunteers from France, at our CEL (Centre for Experiential Living), Kundapur.


The volunteers attended different practical, theoretical and outdoor sessions for their successful journey in India. The volunteers actively took part in each session.


The FSL-India facilitators took extra care in organizing this orientation, in which some sessions included conflict management, roles, and responsibilities, culture and Indian lifestyle, as well as project introduction and preparation with the coordinator. Every evening, FSL-India organized different events for the exchange of ICL (intercultural learning). FSL-India also organized some cultural activities in the free time, like a tour of Kundapur.


All the FSL-India staff consider this orientation to be a success, as the volunteers’ feedback was very positive. Everything worked well and we are really satisfied with our work and the results.



–  The coordinator, FSL-staff – our resources – are helpful and available. We experienced the spirit of Indian                          communication and a nice welcome

–   Very cool. The people integrated very well with each other

–  Yes, the orientation gives us a global vision.


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