FSL-India celebrates Global Human Rights Week

FSL-India celebrates Global Human Rights Week

This third week of October, from 16th to 22nd, FSL-India is celebrating the Global Human Rights Week, initiated by CCIVS (Coordination Committee for International Voluntary Service), organization of which FSL-India is a member, in order to raise awareness of the global challenges for peace and human rights in today’s world.


In this regard, Kota Padukere Government First Grade College happily accepted our invitation to organise together a session on ‘Sustainable Development Goals (SDG): an answer to Human Rights violation’, in which 26 local students of Bachelors in Social Work and 14 of Sociology, along with 12 international volunteers (from Germany, Sweden and France participated.



After program inauguration, we had a session in which Marta, project coordinator of FSL-India took a session to understand how human rights are violated all over the world and how SDG can be an answer to this situation. Moreover, we tried to make students understand that it is them, YOUTH, the key point in the solution.



The world of today requires active youth, ready to engage with their communities. We require aware youth who educate themselves in the needs of their communities because if they do not care about their own communities, nobody will come to help them to overcome their challenges.



For a more practical experience about human rights, after the presentation, we went for a session in which the main group was divided into smaller working groups, to debate on different social issues. This was done right after some ice-breakers and energisers to make the group warm up and become more comfortable with each other.


In the session of working groups, students and volunteers analysed different social issues, related them to human rights violation and SDG and prepared a strategic plan to overcome that issue.


They also analysed their own responsibility, as young citizens of this global world, towards these issues, their cause and their solution.


It was not easy at the beginning, since no one was used to analyse and think deeply about topics of this kind, but fortunately, these awareness sessions can help to make us become aware of our responsibility towards solving the problems of our communities which, at the end of the day, are actually global ones.


Happy with the results, and looking forward to the next session, next week, at Milagres College, Udupi. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to have sessions of this kind in your college, club or institution!




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