Ayudha Pooja at CEL, Kundapur

Ayudha Pooja at CEL, Kundapur

On Friday, 29th September, at FSL-India’s CEL-Kundapura, the staff and volunteers, totally 20 members, participated in Ayudha Pooja.


Why did we celebrate it at CEL?CEL is a community-based centre and FSL-India is a non-political, non-religious and non-governmental organization. We are an institution which promotes peace through cultural exchange. This is the reason why we celebrate all types of festivals, in order to celebrate all cultures. In this way, we celebrated Ayudha Pooja at CEL.


Ayudha Pooja  is part of the Navaratri festival, a Hindu festival which is celebrated in Karnataka state, in India. Ayudha Pooja’s name itself suggests the worshiping of tools and vehicles.


Ayudha Pooja was performed on the day prior to Goddess Chamundeshwari’s war on the demon Mahishasura and all her weapons were worshipped before she left for the war. The day that follows is the celebration of her victory in her war over the demon, which was called Vijayadashami, indicating her victory.


Domestic tools and transport vehicles are washed, decorated and worshipped on this day. It indeed is a visual treat to witness the clean and colourfully decorated vehicles drive on the roads looking bright and nice on the day.


In some houses, where culture is more deeply followed, items such as home keys, television or computers can also be worshipped.


For the pooja (worship), we use incense sticks, colourful flowers, lemons and coconuts. All items will receive some drops of coconut water after opening it. They will also receive the smell of incense and lemons will be placed under the vehicle wheels, in order to remove the bad energy.


When the vehicles are started, they will squash the lemons. Also, a coconut will be smashed onto the ground in the name of removing all bad energy, again.


We hope you learned about Ayudha Pooja and enjoyed reading this article.

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