A Wish Tree at CEL, Kundapur

A Wish Tree at CEL, Kundapur

Hi everyone!

Here we are letting you know about our hopefully fruitful wish tree!


But, what is a wish tree?

Everybody has at least one little wish. Some of them can be paid with money and some of them can be paid with time, or in kind. At FSL-India, we are a lot of people, so we also have a lot of wishes for our projects. However, some of them are not affordable for us, because even if they are small wishes, all together it is too much for an NGO. If we have to get these wishes accomplished, our projects would be able to work much more smoothly.

This is the reason why we created a wish tree during the last weeks. Actually, it comes under one of the initiatives of ‘Daan Utsav’ (the giving festival in Hindi), by which India is carrying out several activities to promote volunteering and helpful behaviour among society.


And how did we do it?

We made a big cardboard cutout, painted it with different colours and put it up in the library of our Centre for Experimental Living, Kundapur. Every staff member or volunteer can put up a wish on a leaf with his or her name and project, what is needed and how much it costs.

If visitors or new volunteers join us, we will introduce the wish tree and its objectives. Our wish tree will be also updated on Facebook. The goal is to find different sponsors for the different wishes, because many people spending a little bit of money will result into a lot of help for our projects.


This is a good way to help all the members and volunteers of FSL-India to promote our projects and ideas and to enable a sustainable future for them. As for now, kindly find here the following wishes:

For our Migrant Community Centre, we require:

* 2 blackboards (Rs 1200 x 2), for teaching the kids

* Some brain grams (Rs 200 x 5), to make the teaching more dynamic and interesting

* 5 floor mats (Rs 200 x 5), for the kids to be able to sit down for the teaching sessions or even for the youngest ones to    take a nap on them!

For our Sea Turtle Conservation project, we need:

* 5 mural paintings (Rs 5000 x 5) in different locations, to have permanent reminders and points, through which to raise     awareness among the community on sea turtle and marine biodiversity protection.

For FSL-India’s CEL, it would be very helpful if we get:

5 cycles (Rs 15000 x 5), to encourage staff and volunteers to get around, reducing our footprint.

* 5 hammocks (Rs 1000 x 5), to motivate people visiting or staying at our Centre to enjoy nature more closely, for               instance, sleeping under a mango tree!


If you think that you can help us to make a wish come true, do not hesitate to contact us! We will let you know how to do it!

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