EIL, Spain – Summer IT Camp on Computer Literacy & Lab/ Culture at Kundapur – 14th Aug-3rd Sep 2017

EIL, Spain – Summer IT Camp on Computer Literacy & Lab/ Culture at Kundapur – 14th Aug-3rd Sep 2017

“Many people need an experience like this to realize what we have” – Yassin, “If I could do it again, I will be very happy” – Aitor, “The smiles of the kids will be forever in my heart” – Azahara, “I can’t imagine a better way to have spent this summer” – Alejandra


This experience has opened my eyes and it has made me realize how many things I have and I don’t appreciate. I am very lucky and I have spent so much time without knowing it, I consider that many people need an experience like this one or the one of the tent school to realize what we have.

Yassin (2)

I repeat how lucky I am also for the opportunity that I had to know this amazing culture with great people like our local coordinators. I would love to repeat an experience like this one again in my life and hope that it would be similar to this journey. Thanks for everything and see you next time. – Yassin Tajja Boudjaj


My personal opinion, being in India 21 days participating in this program was amazing, I really don’t know how to start. At first, the food and the way they eat here is so different from ours, and I had to change my way of eating (something I love to do). Secondly, meeting new people and discovering new places for me, was exciting.


Finally, both the programs we participated in (agriculture and smart class) make me love this travel more. All the people in Kundapur were very grateful and the entire group was happy. To sum it up, if I could do it again, I will be very happy. This experience was full and positive. I hope to come again someday. –  Aitor Valencia


Before realizing this adventure I was very nervous, I was looking forward to it and I was scared, too. Today, once finished this program, I have to say that I will carry with me a lot of good things, knowing about a new country, the people there, its culture, the food, walking through the streets. Secondly, I have to talk about how much I have learned during the school project, the smiles of the kids in these will be forever in my heart.


Finally, I also learned so many things that will help me during my day-to-day life: self-control, teamwork, being patient with the rest of the group and keeping in mind the identities of each one of the group. To sum up, it was fantastic. – Azahara Heredia Lopez


After 21 days in this program, I don’t really have words to explain or describe how much I learned and how much fun I had, but I think it can be summarized quite well, saying that I couldn’t think or even imagine a better way to have spent this summer.


I want to thank FSL-India for such an amazing opportunity. I would never forget this great experience that has helped me to expand my mind and also to have grown as a person.



I recommend this program to anybody who is not only looking for an adventure, but also for the best memories of their life.  – Alejandra Jimeno Guillermo





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