Book Drive by FSL-India’s YDP

Book Drive by FSL-India’s YDP

Members of FSL-India’s Youth Development Program (YDP) helped a Naxalite affected school in Kapsi, Chattisgarh set up a library.


The first chapter of the book drive was kick-started in February 2017. Posters were put up in colleges and bookstores in and around the city, to encourage people to donate books.


Goobe’s Book Republic in Bangalore was one of the biggest donors for the book drive. FSL-India’s YDP successfully collected close to 300 books for the school at Kapsi.


The book drive is a bi-monthly affair. We are planning to help different schools across India set up libraries for their schools.


If you want to help these schools, in cash or kind, please contact the FSL-India YDP office, Bangalore.


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