Tree plantation in the community through ‘Trees for India!’

Tree plantation in the community through ‘Trees for India!’

Hello, everyone! Greetings from CEL (FSL-India’s Centre for Experiential Living), Kundapur!

Here we are with some updates on a new plantation in the community through the initiative called ‘Trees for India’. Through this program, FSL-India aims to do plantations in the local community, while these plantations are sponsored by others.


The idea is to do, especially, fruit plantations, from which the families or schools can benefit.


For instance, our last plantation this week was at a family house of 7 members.


There, the CEL team planted an amla tree – highly used for pickle making and treatment of digestive problems, constipation or blood purification; a fig tree- important for its laxative properties, vitamin content and sugars; a jam tree- which contains loads of protein and fiber. This shows how we always try to search for highly nutritious fruit trees for the families.


We also planted 5 jasmine plants from which, hopefully, many jasmine flowers will bloom and the family can sell them in the market and have some extra income for their household expenses.


We have to thank Greta, Eli and Florentine, from Germany, for their donation for the amla tree. We also thank Liv and Georgia, from Germany too, for their donation for the fig and jam trees. We do not forget to thank Rohan, from India, for his donation towards the plantation of the jasmine plants for the family.


As you know, this is a way of fundraising for our self-funded projects and the money collected will help us to develop more. However, it is not only about the money. The donors and the people receiving their plants are put in touch by swapping contact numbers/ postal addresses so the families can thank the sponsors and they can always keep in touch with that family, in order to find out about the status of the plant!


It was hot and tiring while we were doing the plantation but lovely at the same time, since the family hosted and treated us really nicely. This initiative helps us also to build a more positive relationship with the community we have around CEL.


We will be back with more updates soon!


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