Monsoon, agriculture and cultural exchange

Monsoon, agriculture and cultural exchange

A big ‘Hi’ to everyone from SAP-K!


Here, we are giving you some updates from Kundapur. Actually, this month has been quite dynamic since we have had around 35 international volunteers engaging in the project due to hosting 3 different camps, as well as 5 national interns. We cannot forget our 2 long-term volunteers who, sadly, are leaving quite soon.


Now, it is monsoon season, which means loads of rain, however, not continuous in the day. It is amazing to see how the trenches, which we have for water harvesting, are full of water and this water is being percolated into the ground. Volunteers have helped us to renovate these trenches this month, in order to increase our water-harvesting capacity.

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After the mango season, when very ripe mangoes have fallen down or monkeys have eaten them, many mango saplings are growing on the ground. In order to save them and replant them later, we have collected them and put them into our nursery, where we will take care of the baby plants until they are mature enough to be transplanted into the main ground.


We have also maintained our fruit plants, by weeding and adding compost. Due to the large amount of water falling during these weeks, weeds creep in and affect our plants negatively. That is the reason why the maintenance is vital for the plants in this season and the help of so many volunteers has been highly appreciated.

A new kitchen garden is being established now, starting with fencing, protection on top and in August, we will do the proper seed sowing.

Moreover, it is rice plantation season and everyone has taken the chance of going to the paddy field and for rice plantation, a unique experience!


We depend on volunteers to run our farm, so do not hesitate to join us if you would like to have a rejuvenating hands-on experience in sustainable agriculture, in the rural area of India and international volunteering!

Thank you to all the volunteers engaging in our project in this month for your hard work and support to our activities. Come back soon!

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