It’s got a nice ring to it, don’t you think? Like the name, the workshop was everything on the lines of fun. A workshop on Hula Hooping, unheard of for most of us. We, at FSL-India’s YDP love offbeat events like these. What was targeted at a bunch of us FSL-India YDP members, ended up drawing attendees from far off places!

blog hoop1The workshop was conducted by a friend of ours, Aditi Bhat, a Bangalorean who is an engineering student, at Manipal. She has a very interesting YouTube channel where she does hula hoop covers for popular tracks (do check it out).

A pleasant Sunday morning, a few hoops, decent speakers and a banging playlist kick started this event. The music, the environment, all good, but the hula hooping itself was easier said than done for most of us. Hoops Don’t Lie wasn’t just about spinning the hoop around the waist and then keeping it there; it was dancing with hoops and performing impossible (for us) tricks with in rhythm alongside a peppy musical number. It took a while getting used to. We started off keeping a reasonable target of learning the steps to one entire song.


Every time we felt like we’d done a good job learning the steps taught to us, Aditi would add ten more, and then ten more! When the song did finish and when we felt like we had gotten the hang of the entire thing, it was time to perform the entire song, all the steps together, at once! What looked like a tall order was made much simpler, thanks to a few pro tips from our in-house expert, and we could get the entire song in. It did take multiple attempts, sure, but we were happy with our overall performances.


We did make full use of the photographer we had with us, posed for fake candids and everything! Post the workshop we had proper FSL-India YDP socialising sessions, kept up with the FSL-India YDP tradition of clicking pictures against the popular FSL-India YDP wall, playing games and judging each other’s’ playlists!

That, for us, was a Sunday morning well spent!

The Hooping community at FSL-India’s YDP continues to grow, you too could be a part of edition 3, stay tuned…


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