Final Evaluation for NH-16 batch:

Final Evaluation for NH-16 batch:

LTV team, Kundapura organized the final evaluation for long term volunteers. The evaluation was held for 2 days from 2nd – 3rd August 2017. In total, 13 volunteers from IJGD participated in this evaluation.


The evaluation was organized at FSL- India Training Centre. The objective of the final evaluation is to provide a platform to express the volunteers’ learnings and evaluate their contribution to the projects/HF.  The LTV Kundapur team also organised games and energizers, to add fun in the program.


During their free time, the volunteers discussed with each other, shared their feelings and got motivated. In the evening of the first day, the volunteers had a one-to-one meeting with their coordinators. All these discussions made the volunteers to review their learnings in India.


We, all LTV staff, consider this evaluation to be a success.  Moreover, according     to the volunteers’ feedback, it has actually been successful. However successful,  it has also been challenging at some point. Despite this, everything worked well and we are really satisfied with our work and the results.


Here the feedback form volunteers about the evaluation.

  • Thank you for the last two days in India. I loved spending time with everyone and of course the trip to the beach was awesome.
  • I think everyone always enjoy staying at the FSL Centre.
  • Good questions. Especially the talk about culture shock was interesting.
  • The questions were good but I think most of our answers are very personal.


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