Quiz Me!

Quiz Me!

The rainy evening of the 18th of July saw a modest crowd of around 20 participants putting on their thinking caps to give their best at the ‘Quiz Me!’ event held at FSL-India.

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After it became a huge hit last year, the YDP team simply couldn’t resist conducting this event again, which looks like it could become an annual affair. Conducted by 2 of our beloved alumni at the YDP in our small, yet homely work-space, the questions ranged from the Time Person of the Year to Art by Vincent Van Gogh, to even iconic hairstyles in blockbuster films.


The event began with the screening of the finals between India and Pakistan, while the arrangements were being set up around the room. The event saw participation by quizzers from many colleges around Bangalore. Bangalore itself is known for its avid quizzers and they didn’t fail to show up for our event.

The crowd was a lively batch of people who came from all sorts of backgrounds, ranging from working professionals to college-going students. Although the winners won the competition by a rather large margin, the other teams gave their best to outplay one another.


A memorable moment in the quiz was when the Time Person of the year 2006 was asked and one of the members of the team at which the question was directed simply blurted out “YOU”, which of course, was the right answer.

The most important reason FSL-India has this event regularly is so that we at the YDP are able to appeal to our demographic through a crowd-pulling event, which this turned out to be. It is always a time to meet new people and to socialize in different topics and fields. With a few laughs and some serious quizzing, the event has proven again to be one of our favourite ones to conduct and participate.

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