620- Multi-learning Work camp at Kundapur

620- Multi-learning Work camp at Kundapur

The work camp held for two weeks commenced from 9th July 2017 and ended with the final evaluation on 21st July 2017. The theme was Sustainable Agriculture/Ayurveda/Culture/Child Rights/Women’s Rights.

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The team consisted of Silvia Galardi from Italy, 4 national interns from Delhi and 1 MSW student and the FSL-India team leader. The team adhered to the work camp schedule for 2 weeks and made the camp successful.


The first week started with the orientation and included a visit and work in the medicinal garden, as well as a presentation on Child Rights for the Nempu High School. For the Child Rights session, 42 students of the 9th standard and 2 teachers participated. Next, they visited the cashew factory, worked on water harvesting, attended a session on Ayurveda, and visited an Indian family. The last day of the first week was spent preparing compost and then going on a cultural visit to the Hanuman Temple and the lighthouse at Kodi Beach.

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In the second week of the camp, the team was engaged in paddy cultivation on community farmer land and a session on Women’s Rights at Nempu High School. For the Women’s Rights session, 42 students of 9th standard and 1 teacher participated. There was a second, more detailed session on Ayurveda, as well as a session on health, hygiene and stress management at Nempu High School for the 10th standard students, in which 55 students participated. This was followed by a visit to Namma Bhoomi Eco-Village Charitable Trust. The last day ended with the final evaluation, where everyone shared their experience of working in the camp.

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The camp proved to be very effective, with a lot of recreation, along with learning many new skills. The agricultural efforts proved to be fruitful, as seen by the results, in a few days. The students in the legal sessions at the school were extremely responsive and co-operative, which showed their interest in the presentation and indicated the effectiveness of such educational presentations.


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From agricultural work to conducting sessions on legal rights, the volunteers got a chance to get engaged in all types of activities for community development, thereby giving them a very wide exposure to social work.

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