World Donor Day at Kundapur

World Donor Day at Kundapur

Today, June 14th 2017, many volunteers from FSL-India attended the event organised for World Blood Donor Day at Kundapur Blood Bank – Kundapur Red Cross.

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The significance of a day like this was explained to the group. Blood Donor Day is celebrated on 14th June, since Karl Landsteiner, the Australian biologist, physician and immunologist who distinguished the main blood groups, was born on 14th June 1868.

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After several, brief speeches about the importance of blood donation in order to save lives and emphasise the importance of donating OFTEN, the volunteers were given a memento and then, the blood donation camp commenced.

A day like this should really be focused on raising awareness on the importance of donating blood and how this act can really save lives. Everyone should know about it and be encouraged to do so.

To achieve this, educating the community is required, for e.g. explaining that blood donation is not painful and will not affect your health negatively.

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Hope such events happen in your communities, too!

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