Spanish Teens Support SAP-K!

Spanish Teens Support SAP-K!

For the past week, FSL-India’s Centre for Experiential Living, Kundapur has counted on 24 extra hands in their SAP-K project.

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Which means 12 participants from Spain engaging in agricultural activities like nursery management or preparation of the medicinal garden. They had other commitments like work in a school and cultural visits but, as most of you know, every little bit of help is more than welcome in the SAP-K project!

The rainy season has started, which means the team can start planting new plants and their chance to survive is very high. That is the reason why the SAP-K team decided to request the Spanish students to help to prepare the mix for the nursery bags (where they will grow new plants) and to work in the future medicinal garden.

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The mix for the nursery bags is based on filtered sand, soil, and compost. They prepared the mix for more than 400 bags, in which this week, we have sown 300 cashew-nut seeds to get new trees and 90 black pepper cuttings! These are examples of sustainability in agriculture, since out of the 300 seeds, 300 new cashew-nut trees are expected and out of the 90 black pepper plant cuttings, 90 new black pepper plants are expected. When the plants are mature enough, they will be transplanted into the main ground, to continue growing.

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Regarding the medicinal garden, after their hard work weeding, loosening and leveling the ground and also fixing the fence, they planted some turmeric plants! The team plans to plant different plants in this rainy season. You will get an update soon.

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The SAP-K team is very grateful to this group for their commitment and support!

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