June Orientation

June Orientation

June Orientation- Date: 5th to 8th June 2017- Venue:  FSL-India, Wilson Garden, Bangalore.

Orientation - June (2) low

In the month of June, FSL-India hosted 2 Long Term Volunteers from the UK.  Every evening, different events were organised for the exchange of intercultural learning. On the first day, there was a traditional Indian welcome, the volunteers had the opportunity to experience Henna designs and learned the local language.

Volunteer’s feedback on Orientation Week:

Orientation - June low

  • It was just me and Emily – we didn’t really have a group, but the atmosphere was good.
  • As it was me and Molly, I can’t really comment on the group atmosphere, I found the atmosphere we were in was very welcoming.
  • There has been lots of useful information from this orientation.
  • Yes as it gave us a lot of information. 

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