Pond Inaugural Function at Thandalam  

Pond Inaugural Function at Thandalam  

“Asset Creation and  Pond  Beautification“ is  the project  that  was  implemented by FSL- India and funded by Dymos Lear Pvt. Limited at Thandalam village, Tamil Nadu.

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On 5th May 2017, the handing over of the project event was organised in Thandalam village, near the pond. More than 70 people gathered and Mr Dayanithi, HR Head inaugurated the event. Mr Bagavathy, Asst HR and his team also attended the inauguration. The event was headed by the Panchayat Raj Institution (PRI) members, Village Self Help Group and Panchayat level federation members.


The activities taken up during the project time are ­­beautification of the pond, i.e. 39 LED lamp posts, 400 sq ft lawn, plantation of ornamental and flower plants around the pond, public clothes wash area with 4 separate cabins and sanitary complex built with 4 bathrooms and 3 toilets.

The project has created a good impact among the people of the village and even outsiders visiting the pond area.

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