International Team Leader Training- III Edition at CEL!

International Team Leader Training- III Edition at CEL!

Here is another example of a successful event taking place at FSL-India’s Centre for Experiential Learning, Shetrakatte, Kundapur.

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This training takes three days in which the International Team of facilitators aim to increase participants’ leadership skills, introduce work camps as a social development tool and inter-cultural learning in an international context.

In this 3-day training, the trainers make use of experiential education tools, forgetting about long lectures and theoretical lessons. Every activity will bring to the group inclusion, cooperation and loads of fun.

National and international participants participate in this training, making the learning experience much more fulfilling and complete. The cultural exchange happening in these three days is immeasurable.

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The FSL-India trainers created a unique module, in which participants enter into a non-stop cycle of learning and experiences that will remain with them forever. It is great to see the insights all the participants experience during these three days.

This is a starting point for participants who are interested to engage with FSL-India after this training as team leaders at national or international level. Furthermore, FSL-India will provide them with information about how to go abroad as a volunteer.

Looking forward to the next edition!

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