International Adventure summer camp in CEL!

International Adventure summer camp in CEL!

Last month,  from 17th to  19th, FSL-India conducted a 3 day adventure summer camp at the FSL-India Centre for Experiential Living, Shetrakatte. Nearly 30 children from all over Karnataka State came here to enjoy this experience.

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For this camp FSL-India involved their national and international leaders, as well as their international volunteers to support the camp, which gave the children the opportunity to learn about different countries and cultures.

In these three days, many different games were conducted to help the group to get to know each other and create a positive environment among everyone. INEXEL’s support helped to make this experience as unique as possible through enabling the children to participate in zipline and zummering activities, which meant loads of fun for everyone. These activities were chosen for this camp to boost the children’s self-confidence and prepare them to face different challenges during the camp.

The children spent one day at Kolloor doing a 14-km trek in Arishinagundi, enjoyed the breathtaking landscape on the way and freshened up in the falls after an exhausting, yet exciting walk. All had to wake up very early but felt it was really worth it!

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As a Centre for Experiential Living with an organic farm as one of the major components, the FSL-India team did not forget about the community living feeling they would like to create in everyone who visits the Centre. Therefore, the children were encouraged to help take care of nature by simple actions like looking after the chicks, doing waste segregation or being aware of their own water and power usage.

Something else the children really enjoyed was the night in which they tasted the Centre’s home grown sweet potatoes roasted in the camp fire, while telling stories and talking about their experiences together with all the participants. Overall, this camp was a great success and the FSL-India team is very proud of their work. They are very happy to have been able to provide the children with such an amazing learning experience.

FSL-India looks forward to the Winter Camp. Please, contact the Centre to get more information about future FSL-India Camps.

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