Holi Festival at Baikadi Tent School

Holi Festival at Baikadi Tent School

Holi is a Hindu festival, mostly celebrated in the northern part of India, because there everyone is happy since the winter is ending and the spring is starting.

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In Kundapur, the hot season is starting, nevertheless, some are celebrating. It is a really colourful, cheerful and lively festival, where people throw a colourful powder at each other.

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This year, the festival took place on the 13th of March and the FSL-India team decided to celebrate it with the children in the Tent School. In the morning, the team drove to Brahmavar to buy many bags with the powder, some fruits and milk and afterwards, we headed to the migrant community in Baikadi. Since we had not told the children about this earlier, the kids got really excited about this surprise. We chased each other through the village and in the end everyone looked really colourful. Some of the parents also came to join the spectacle. We put the powder on each other’s’ faces and wished “Happy Holi” to all. Afterwards the children danced, drank milk and ate fruits.

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On this day, the people came together and had fun. Even the little sleepy small of town of Kundapur woke up and the streets were full of people dancing to loud music in the evening.

It was a magical day for all of us!


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