EduHK Group Camp: Our Love Affair with India

EduHK Group Camp: Our Love Affair with India

This year, 20 of us have spent an extremely memorable time in Bangalore. People always say when you try something that you have never done before, it is called a breakthrough.

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Throughout these 15 days, we had plenty of first times. We blended into Indian culture by eating with our bare hands; learnt the history of India by visiting temples and art galleries; understood the agriculture of India by literally getting involved in cleaning cows, milking, collecting silk, weeding in a government nursery; did some voluntary teaching and wall painting in Nandi school. We were impressed that FSL-India and the school listened to our suggestions and bought some recycling bins for the school so that the kids could apply what they learnt during lessons.  Also, travelling from place to place by riding in the auto rickshaw was a unique experience for us, as well. These are the things that we do not usually do in Hong Kong as urbanites.


Besides, we managed to handle the insects, clean the dishes after every meal, clean our house, wash our clothes without a washing machine and survive during blackout moments in our accommodation which was tough, but important for us to improve our problem-solving skills. We particularly liked the hiking session  almost at the end of the trip, it gave us a precious opportunity to refresh ourselves and witness the extraordinary landscapes of Bangalore from the top of Nandi Hills. Finally, we appreciate FSL-India in organizing and arranging all the activities for us. 2 weeks are more than enough to make us fall in love with this lovely country.

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