Cinema trip with the Tent School Children from Yedthadhi

Cinema trip with the Tent School Children from Yedthadhi

Last Friday, 05/05/2017 1 teacher, 2 volunteers and the children from Yedthardi tent school, all went together to the cinema.

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The children in the tent school Yedthardi speak only Telugu, so everyone was very happy that the movie Bahubali 2 was also played in the local cinema near Kundapur, in this language. The volunteers went there with 8 of the school’s 12 children to the local cinema, at Vinayakka.

In the morning, they picked up the children from the tent village and travelled by bus to the cinema. For the children, it was very nice to also see places outside the tent village and the cinema, where they had not been before. Two years ago, Sahlini (the teacher) went to the first part of the movie with the children and this time, the children saw in the cinema for the first time that the national anthem was played before the movie started and they performed the salute during it.

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The volunteers bought the children snacks, water and bananas and they really enjoyed watching the movie. After the movie, the group went to Brahmavar to have lunch and fruit juice. After lunch, the children were very tired and they went back to the village.

The best thing is to see the positive rapport the volunteers have built with the parents, which reflects on the full trust the parents have on them, not only in letting the children attend lessons all day, but also allowing the children to come with the volunteers, out of the community for the day.

We are looking forward to more days like this! It was a very good day and the team enjoyed the great day with the children.

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