Tent School Parents’ Meeting: Baikadi Tent Village

Tent School Parents’ Meeting: Baikadi Tent Village

Today, i.e. 7th of April, after the Health Camp, the FSL-India team organised a Parents’ Meeting for the Baikadi Village Tent School at 6 pm.

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The team waited until the parents returned from work and by that time there were 20 parents who attended the meeting. Everyone sat in a big circle on the mats from the Tent School. First, Manjunath talked to them about hygiene and health. He made the parents understand that the children should bathe and wash their hands properly, that their nails should be cut short regularly and that the parents should provide balanced and nutritious meals to the children. They also discussed about child labour, i.e. the children including the girls, should go to school rather than work at such a young age and that working in a bar is a very bad environment for young children.

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Another point was the renovation of the tent school and several men were willing to help the team with the repairs. However, FSL-India has decided to ask a local engineer to make a renovation plan to prepare the Tent School for the rainy season and also advise them on purchase of the right materials. The parents were eager to help the FSL-India team and cooperated very well. At the end of the meeting, there was a discussion about what was further needed in the Tent Village. Everyone agreed that there is an urgent need for lights during the night and proposed the installation of solar lights as well as more toilets, soaps and another Health Camp for the other adults from the Tent Village.

There was a very friendly atmosphere and the FSL-India team felt it was a really productive meeting with lots of meaningful interaction and it was a truly satisfying end to the day.

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