HBP – Back to College Again!

HBP – Back to College Again!

Last Saturday April 1st 2017, the HBP team conducted a session in Milagres College, Kalliampur (Udupi) on Human Rights and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). This was the team’s second time in this college, but they felt as warmly welcomed as the first time.

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At first, there was the program inauguration, with speeches from different members of the faculty and Marta, as the FSL-India resource person. Afterwards, they moved into Marta’s presentation, in which she explained about Human Rights and how they are violated all over the world, about SDG, their background and their future, and the importance of youth in social change and making SDG become a reality. Marta really wanted them to feel they are the key to the change and in view of this they need awareness, engagement and motivation towards personal and community development.

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Next, they moved into the working groups, in which the HBP volunteers joined in to contribute the European point of view. The main group was divided into smaller ones after some energisers and then they discussed different topics such as political corruption, the prison system and working conditions, for a few minutes.

Afterwards, in the same groups, they were given a social issue and were asked to analyse it and relate to Human Rights and SDG, as well as thinking what political, social and personal changes are required to improve the situation of these social issues. Cases such as migrant communities, child labour or LGTB community were discussed.

The team finished with a presentation on the findings of the small groups and had a round of feedback and evaluation of the session.


Overall, it was a wonderful experience with students from different colleges. The students, as well as the volunteers exchanged views and ideas on different social issues, awareness was raised and an inter-cultural exchange took place. The team is looking forward to more!

If you would like the FSL-India team to visit your college, or you would like to attend any of the sessions/trainings at the FSL-India Youth Training Centre, please do not hesitate to contact us.  If you are a young person, please join us!

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