There is Only One Birthday Per Year! Adrian

There is Only One Birthday Per Year! Adrian

My birthday in India: Adrian .Nearly all of us volunteers will experience that day: their birthday in India. Here you can read how my 19th birthday was celebrated.


I was lucky and 2nd February was the second day of our Mid-term-Evaluation, so all the volunteers from Kundapur/Udupi/Mangalore were gathered at the Training Centre. So I got my first cake at the Training Centre. Following tradition, I cut the cake and beginning from the oldest, the people around put a piece of cake in my mouth. Unfortunately I forgot the tradition and I took the first piece on my own and ate it. The Indians reacted in shock, sorry for that again…haha!

IMG_0253 IMG-20170307-WA0008


In the evening, some friends and I went to my home, which is very close to the FSL Centre. There we had another cake and tons of nice food! Some host relatives also came to the Centre. My family was singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and I cut the cake, we had something like table fireworks and I got some presents from them – so sweet! Later in the evening, we went back to FSL to sleep there, because the camp was going on. All-in-all, I had a super memorable day… unfortunately there is only one birthday per year!

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