Glad that I Chose INDIA – Adrian Nehls

Glad that I Chose INDIA – Adrian Nehls

Hey, my name is Adrian Nehls and I came to India in August 2016. Since the beginning of November, I am working in the CSI Boarding Home for Boys at Puttur. Before that, I worked for 3 months at a Higher Primary school at Moodabidri as a teacher for English and computer classes.

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The first 3 months I was living with a host family at Moodabidri, a small town between Udupi and Mangalore. I was teaching English and computer classes at a local primary school. The school was very small – just about 48 kids in total, so that the classes were for just about 4 to 11 students. The other teachers were very nice and helped me getting along with my tasks. Even with such small classes it’s challenging in the beginning to do proper classes. My host family was a very nice older couple, who were very experienced with hosting volunteers. So my first weeks went on very nicely.


After 3 months, I changed my project to a boarding home for boys at Puttur. From then on, I lived at the project, That gave me a chance to gain different experience and get very close with the boys. My new tasks are helping the boys during their study time with their homework, playing games, doing exercises and helping them during their day-to-day needs. Now I am already nearly 4 months into my new project and I really love it here. During the next months I will spend as much time as possible in the project with the boys. Till now I really enjoyed my stay in India and I am glad that I chose to do it this year, because I learned so much about a different great culture and myself.  I am curious how the next months will be.

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