Social Entrepreneurship Workshop-YDP team

Social Entrepreneurship Workshop-YDP team

On Sunday afternoon, Feb 12th we as interns of FSL India, Bangalore along with the YDP team had organized an interactive workshop on Social Entrepreneurship. 111lowTo lighten up the atmosphere we started the session with an ice breaking activity to get everybody at ease.After giving a brief introduction about the event’s theme and the speaker we started the program which was divided in to two sessions._MG_6101In the first session, the speaker Mr. Sanju Sony Kurian who is a technology enthusiast let his passion for startups govern him and became an entrepreneur in his early college years. He is a dreamer and a doer which can be evidently seen through his achievements accompanied with his never dying spirit. In spite of three continuous startup failures he now heads a successful technical team of Kings Learning and is also the Project Manager. Along with his team he developed an application called Enguru which is widely used to learn English from your native language._MG_6115lowIn the second session the participants were divided into four groups where they were given four topics namely youth, agriculture, society and environment.  In the span of an hour the teams had to identify the prominent issues persisting in the specific topic allotted to them and develop a business idea around it. The second half of this session comprised a thorough discussion on the ideas that the four teams proposed and assess it on the basis of sustainability, feasibility and the implementation aspect of it.

The concluding message was given by the keynote speaker Mr. Kurian that revolved around having compassion and the courage to follow your dreams in the face of obstacles we will encounter.


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