International Seminar on Human Rights

International Seminar on Human Rights

It is a great pleasure for FSL India to share with you our experience being part of this “International Seminar on Human Rights: perspectives from West and East”, organised by the Internal Quality Assurance Cell & The Department of Political Science of Lakshmi Soma Bangera Government First Grade College, Kota-Padukere.


Around 150 students from all over Udupi District and from different disciplines (Political Science and MSW among them), along with around 50 lecturers attended the event which took all day.

The Seminar started with the inauguration speech by Dr. Rajaram Tolpady, from Mangalore University, bringing up the idea of the relative universality that Human Rights perform globally nowadays and the importance of engagement with democracy.Nueva carpeta1Four presentations where conveyed in this seminar. First one, by Vladan Lausevic- Assistant Professor in Manipal University, who explained Human Rights from a Western perspective; second presentation was given by Dr. Nandakishor M S, from the Department of Geopolitics & International Relationships in Manipal University, on Human Rights from the Eastern perspective; Stefano Grecco- Assistant Professor in Manipal university, gave the third presentation on the State Machinery and Human Rights and last presentation was conveyed by myself Marta Castellanos Gonzalez, project co-ordinator in FSL India.

2 feb the blog article and photos of the International Seminar on Human RightsI based my presentation on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as an answer (or solution) when Human Rights are violated. I strengthen the importance of educating youth in SDG and engaging them in the protection of Human Rights and the achievement of SDG in their communities.

We are deeply grateful to Mr. Prashanth, coordinator of the seminar for his fruitful effort and all the members who made the seminar possible. We appreciate their contribution towards a more aware and prepared youth towards social transformation from a corrupted and suffering world towards a peaceful and cooperative one.

It was really fulfilling to meet so many new professionals of the social field. We are looking forwards to more events like this.

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