HBP in Manipal University

HBP in Manipal University

This weekend we got the opportunity to join a session in Manipal University about LGBT, which stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. No one of us expected to learn more about that topic in India.IMG-20170223-WA0011low

So, on Saturday 18th February at 9:30 am we entered the small Auditorium in the Centre for Philosophy and Humanities, around 50 students participated. Moderated by a professor mostly students presented their papers based on case studies, surveys, analyzing photos or history.

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For example one presentation, given by a Polish professor, was about the famous book “Kamasutra”. In the western world, this book is known as semi-pornographic book for sex posture while, actually, only the second chapter is about that. The book itself is more a guide for Indian families to learn how the relation between husband and wife should be so it is not just about sex.

The workshop was very interesting and gave us an idea of how far India regarding the LGBT movement. This was the first workshop about LGBT in an Indian university according to the Judges. We hope more of them will follow, not only in Manipal!

The participation was very good by the audience. It was interesting to witness India youth admit their homosexuality. It was a great experience for we all!

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