FSL with GAP-Join Together

FSL with GAP-Join Together

Global action on poverty (GAP) launched a movement to fight against poverty by celebrating the work of change makers in collaboration with Christ University Bangalore.


The GAP workshop mainly focused on # how a little change can make huge difference to eradicate poverty. Aligned to The UN’s #1 Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of No poverty. Many courageous individuals working on initiatives around the world to bring people out of poverty and many more bursting with ideas and impatient to turn them into reality so that real change happens.The inaugural session of the workshop began at 10:30 AM on 24.01.2017 followed by Mr. Madan Padakki, the Managing Trustee, GAP delivered the welcome speech. Dr. Victor Paul, the Head of Department of Social Work, Christ University gave an Introduction to Christ University, Department of Social Work and Centre for Social Action. The felicitation was delivered by Dr. Mallika Krishnaswami, the Dean, Humanities and Social Sciences, Christ University. Dr. Harish Hande, CEO of Selco India enlightened the event by providing the Overview of the Workshop. In his speech he informed the participants that a new true change occurs when each change maker can break the class system in society.


Following the Inaugural session, the first plenary session started at 11:45 AM. The session was on the change makers’ journey during which Mr. Nawaz Pasha, the founder of Adarsha Trust, Whitefield, Mrs.Shakuntala, Chetana Cooperative Society member and Mr. Achuta Rao, the founder of Esta Society shared their inspiring stories of their journey to bring about the change they want in the society. The second session was on Global Action on Poverty by Mr.Madan Padaki, who gave participants a platform to interact with each other. The third session was on workshop with partners by Mr.Pankaj, Head Coach, and GAP who gave great insight on change making. The final session was Structured Networking, which gave the participants a great learning experience. The participants expressed their perceptions, suggestions, and recommendations on contributing to social change.Towards the end of the session, vote of thanks was delivered and gratitude to all the dignitaries, resource persons, organizers and the participants was expressed.


FSL as an organization tries to work in accordance with UN sustainable developmental goals. The theme of the workshop conducted by the GAP addressed the 1st sustainable developmental goal- to eradicate poverty. It was a platform for FSL to establish a network with various organization in India working for the cause and develop partnership with in future.

Intern’s feedback

FSL-India (YDP interns) MR. Daniel John, Ms. Bency Baby and Ms. Amrita Rekhi, attended the workshop organized by the GAP.

* We were inspired by the stories shared by the change makers how there limited resources and abundant ideas and determination brought about a significant change in the society for the better.

*As a young social work trainee we got a great exposure and inspiration to contribute the society.

* We were able to identify various strategies for carrying out activities in a sustainable manner with efficient use of resources.

Overall GAP is platform provides potential change makers and agents with range of resources and capabilities to enable them to transform the level which they work. Few passionate people came together to conduct this activity in collaboration with Christ University to provide a platform for the citizens of the society who want to be a part of the change making process.

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