Trained In Training Center – Akshatha

Trained In Training Center – Akshatha

After attending the Certified International Camp Leader Training by FSL-India in Kundapura from 29th to 31st October, I realize that learning is never of a single dimension.


This training has been intellectually, physically, spiritually and emotionally enriching for me. Also, learning has never been so much fun! Although every single moment spent during the training was special, there were some beyond extraordinary. And one such moment was experiencing lunch blindfolded. It was no less than meditation to observe ourselves “alive” at the very moment. Every leadership skill to be trained was conceptualized through different activities that made it easier for us to grasp and start cultivating it within us.


Right from the time the training began through introductory activity, nobody in the training campus felt like a stranger. A one-of-its-kind experience was organizing an event led entirely by us, participants, within the limited time and resources. And the most important and wonderful part of the training was that at the end of every activity, participants observed and analyzed their actions and responses during the activity, understanding what they were going through when they faced the challenge, what made them take the action they took and how could the situation possibly be better. This training was not just about being a leader to a camp but also to one’s own life, growing into a global citizen, connecting humans from within and be one.  I’m extremely glad I was a part of this training and I wish many more in this world get to experience the same, and help make this world a better place to be!

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