SAP-K as on December

SAP-K as on December

SAP-K group is sweating heavily the last month, obviously, because the dry season does its job. Therefore, we do not only need to water ourselves a lot, but also the plants!


So, every morning we divide the team in groups to water the nursery, the kitchen garden and pineapple and jasmine plants. Additionally, all 2-3 days we water all the other plants like pineapple, bamboo, lime, pepper plants and areca nut. Until last week we used to water our paddy field, unfortunately we have felt forced to give it up because of cows breaking the protection and eating all the paddy plants.


Because of the weather, we decided to do agriculture work in the morning time and office work, like preparing for environmental education sessions, in the afternoon time. From now we need to prepare a lot of sessions in advance because since the last week we be going to a school every second Monday.


In the beginning of December we had a nice work camp. People from Italy, Hong Kong and Finland participated. The two Finnish guys are actually not from the work camp, they are staying for 2 months, also living at our host-family homes. Together with the work camp we started our big Azolla pound to increase our Azolla production. Moreover we collected many dry leaves to do mulching since they are falling down it is super easy.


We also planted pumpkin, cucumber, bottle gourd and cluster beans in the kitchen garden, prepared more Jeevanrutha and finished the new nadep compost tank, which is only for dry leaves, soil and cow dung.

Since the vermicompost compost tank got attacked many times by rats, we decided to put another layer of bricks on the ground together with cement, so the rats cannot enter again.

Basically, this was our SAP-K work this month.

All in all, this month it was an exhausting but amazing mix of different experience to which we suggest you to join!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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