Chennai/Bangalore/Mysore-Cultural Event.

Chennai/Bangalore/Mysore-Cultural Event.

In the month of November 2016, FSL India LTV Bangalore region organized for a Cultural Event (CE) at Bangalore Mysore and Chennai zone under different Theme.


Mysore: Theme: Nature: In the Mysore zone there was three volunteer who participated in the CE. They began their journey from the meeting point and visited Krishna Raja Sagara, also popularly known as KRS, is the name of both a lake and the dam that creates it. It is located close to the settlement of Krishnarajasagara. Afternoon they visited Brindavana Garden the Brindavan Gardensa is a show garden of Mysore planned and built the gardens in connection with the construction of the dam.

Chennai: Theme: Historical :  Mamallapuram, popularly referred as Mahabalipuram was a seventh century port town of the South Indian located 60 km south from Chennai city in Tamil Nadu. Mahabalipuram is magnificent place mainly built during 7th and 9th centuries. In the afternoon they had lunch together after which our Coordinator had 1 to 1 talk with volunteers about project and host family.

Bangalore: Theme: Religion:  Iscon temple: Iscon is big Krishna temple in Bangalore, where a lot of people will be will visiting the temple quite often. Indian Family: Visited Mrs.Saritha house with Marion it was very nice experience for both, Mrs.Saritha wanted to experience how the volunteers react in an Indian House and Mrs.Saritha prepared good lunch, the Volunteer, Coordinator and family members had a good lunch together.

 mysorebangalore                                      Feedback from Volunteers

Me and the two other volunteers had a great day at Brindavana garden and KRS Dam, and after returning we had some nice Indian lunch together, the park was grate and relaxing.

Today we went to Brindavana Garden and KRS Dam, we had a lots of fun while going by bus and visiting the garden. Afterwards we had lunch at a restaurant and the food was really good.

Today we are spend a really nice CE with Coordinator, Together we went for Brindavana Garden and KRS Dam, a beautiful place later we had a delicious lunch.

We got some details about Mahabalipuram history. And we were happy to seeing the place. Here most of the things are good.

We were enjoyed and wondering about Rock- cut Architecture.

Very nice to visit temple, Very nice Food, Good to talk with host mother & Nice family

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