SAP-K developments after winter camp in Training Centre

SAP-K developments after winter camp in Training Centre

So, for the past two weeks, we have had 40 extra hands (which means 20 more volunteers) supporting our SAP-K project. These volunteers, all of them from Germany, have been in India for around 2-3 months  helping in Indian schools and, due to their 2-week holiday at school, they have joined us in our agricultural work.  (The volunteers  are in to 11-12 month volunteering program in India )


The developments of the project in these two weeks are impressive and will be well maintained by our LTV volunteers staying here on daily basis. The changes in our field are great to see.

fslkundapur-50Among others, the results of these two weeks of work have been filtering 200 Kg of vermicompost, doing fruit plant maintenance of around 70 plants (weeding, adding compost and mulching material), prepared the land for our future medicinal garden, loads of weeding work in different areas such as stage area or nearby our kitchen garden area, pineapple and jasmine plant cultivation, watering of several plants, kitchen garden maintenance or re-construction of paddy field fence. They also helped in basic activities, such as poultry maintenance, quail care or gardening work.

It has been so great to have so many people pushing up the development of the project that we have loved to have them here with us.

Thank you to you all!

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