Beautification of Thandalam Pond!

Beautification of Thandalam Pond!

Setting 10 seating granite benches around the Thandalam pond is one of the project components in the community asset creation project.


This project is sponsored by Hyundai DYMOS Lear-India, and carried out by FSL India from Chennai office since from March-2016.

There are 10 granite bencbeautification-of-thandalam-2hes were delivered to the work spot and was started to set up the sitting arrangement as per the guidance and directions of the Panchayath president. Accordingly 4 benches were installed in front of the garden, 2 benches on the left side of the garden and 1 at the back side of the garden and 3 more was installed at the right side of the garden adjacent to the new compound wall. The sizes of the benches were 2 feet width and 6 feet length. The sitting height of the benches were about 3 feet from the ground and the slope edge goes about 4 feet height from the sitting slap.

The benches were found very useful and more convenient that gives comfortable to elders, women, children, students and the men of the villagers. Apart from the native villagers there were more outsiders also getting benefit out of the installed granite benches. More over the village Panchayath president himself feels more comfortable and joy to sit and discuss about the village administration along with his ward members.beautification-of-thandalam-3

Besides the people used to go for a walking exercise in the morning and evening around the pond find the benches installed on the four side of the pond is very comfortable to sit and relax with the whole family where ever they want to do so. Since it is easily reachable to the children the benches are at the service of the children too. FSL India feels proud that created community asset is highly worthy and serves the purpose as per the vision and mission of the organization.

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