One year at Arvind Foundation-A school a curative education- Marit Ottilie Steiner!

One year at Arvind Foundation-A school a curative education- Marit Ottilie Steiner!

Every morning, we had a staff prayer with a song, rhythm and a verse by Rudolf Steiner.


Then, we welcome the children and will start the morning circle. I was together with one teacher in Grade I, the youngest children in the school. All the children had different disabilities, physically and mentally. In the main lesson, we taught them reading and writing, form drawing and the numbers. Although not every child was able to follow the lessons, they enjoyed the main lesson and I noticed a great improvement in my children during the year. After the main lesson, we had a sports activity, which was walking stairs, running, jumping or similar activities. I mostly practiced to walk the stairs with the children. The lunch was one of the most exhausting activities during the year, since not every child is able to eat on his own.

After lunch, we had different activities. The favorite activity of the children was the music time. The teachers sang different traditional songs and once in a while, a professional singer visited us. Arvind Foundation is working with the system by Rudolf Steiner and is a curative education school. Apart from different disabilities, I have learnt a lot about anthroposophy. I attended several teachers’ trainings, the anthrop-festival in Chennai and a seminar by Ruddier Grimm.

My time at Arvind Foundation was wonderful. I needed some time to get used to the working style of the other staff members, but I had a good relationship to them from the very beginning. To understand the children, I needed a very long time but in the end, I was very close to them.

I thank FSL and Arvind Foundation for this year!

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