Experience with FSL- Babay Sarah home, Pondicherry!

Experience with FSL- Babay Sarah home, Pondicherry!

FSL India played an important and eminent role in all the aspects and development of Baby Sarah’s Home,


through the volunteers from FSL India, we were able to achieve a lot and many dream projects of BSH came into true because of the hard work and dedication of volunteers in the past and the presence.

Recent volunteers also made a lot of contribution to Baby Sarah’s Home and the current volunteer is Mr. Jonathan Foster from Germany is with us for the past eight months.

experience-with-fsl-babay-2With his support we were able to create a sensory stimulation for our children with special needs, especially children with autism, which the experts in the field of disability consider as a huge contribution ie,. Stimulus Stimulation equipment at a very low cost and this has helped some of our autistic children to develop their eye contact.

And one of the biggest dream of having an own Music School for Baby Sarah’s Home is becoming true now becauseof the hard work of Jonathan, he raised money for buying a professional Piano and the required accessories and he is working now to renovating our Music and Dance School, very soon we will have our own professional dance school.

Always assists us whenever we are in need of help and support and helps us a lot in raising funds and connecting resources around the world regarding our current and future projects.

Developed music interest among some of our children and now they are learning music.  At Baby Sarah’s Home, we believe and focus much on life skills rather than academic skills, we insist on each child to have their own hobbies, skills, interest and ambition.

Jonathan’s volunteering service has helped some of our children to develop interests in Music and we are sure they will become as an eminent musicians in future, in that case, Jonathan will be a important motivator for their success.

He is currently involved in renovating (almost done) our Music and Dance School. Once its finished, the music room will be a perfect place for learning and exploring dance and in future, it will be opened for children from low economic status families.

 So, Jonathan’s work will not only help the children of Baby Sarah’s Home, but also children of Puducherry will benefit. He also helps us in orienting (in our absence) the new volunteers and explaining them about the future projects of Baby Sarah’s Home.

experience-with-fsl-babay-3Currently working on making videos of each and every child, this will help us in finding education sponsors for our children and this can be a very impressive way to connect our children with our sponsors and supporters.

Volunteers from FSL India played a major role and part in all the activities of Baby Sarah’s Home and their Volunteering work at Baby Sarah’s Home helped us in achieving some of our dream projects.

Last year we also had Ms. Milena from Germany, she trained our children with special needs children in Art Therapy.  Every day she involved our children in painting, drawing, colouring through which our children developed lots of interest in art which helped us in bringing change in their skills.

And the volunteering contribution of Ms. Ana Dorina from Mexico was remarkable because she just stayed with us for a week but her volunteering service made a very important contribution to the field of Special Education.  She initiated the idea of Sensory Stimulation at a very low cost at Baby Sarahs Home and also she helped us in preparing medical profile for each and every child at Baby Sarahs Home.

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