Summer camp in Mysore!

Summer camp in Mysore!

FSL India in collaboration with Suryodaya Foundation conducted a 30 days summer camp in Hunsur, Mysore. The main focus was on Tree plantation and wall painting.


Hunsur is well known for agriculture, our volunteers planted around 12 trees with the Help of Forest Department of Karnataka. The Forest department provided the plants to our local NGO which was highly benefited to the community people at Hunsur. Volunteers also painted the Government High school walls with Save the Environment quotes.

Volunteering-IndiaThe Local Media has recognised the work done by FSL Volunteers and captured/published an edition about their Voluntary service.

One of the core activity was cleaning Nagar hole National Park which created a great impact among the traveller who has dumped the plastic bottles/wastes in the forest.

The activities done by the volunteers are as follows;

-Wall painting

-Cleaning plastic in Nagarhole National park

– Planting Trees.

Overall feedback:

“We really enjoyed the time with the project and during activities with the local people and Project staff has helped us a lot. They are happy to be part of Voluntary service and the environment awareness program”.


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