My experience- Natascha!!

My experience- Natascha!!

Hello! My name is Natascha and I am from Germany.


In summer 2015 I graduated from High School and then came to India for one year of social service. For the past half year I have been teaching English at a Government School near Kundapur.

From Monday to Friday I teach classes from 1st to 7th Standard. By now I notice improvements of the children’s English which makes my work all the more worth the while. Three times a week I had language class (first Kannada and then Hindi) after school which has proven very helpful in a couple of situations. Also it is very nice to be able to speak to the people in their native language.Volunteering-India Through my host family and the other teachers at my school I have also learned a lot about Indian culture. The Indian people are in general very sweet and always eager to help if I face any problems or have questions. Another benefit is all the Indian food I get to try. My host mother is a really good cook and during lunch break in school we share our dishes, too, so there is always a big variety.

I have also had many opportunities to travel. So far I have seen Mysore, Hampi, Kochi, Madikeri, and Panaji and I travelled the north of India, too.

The first few weeks in India were a little bit challenging, since India differs so much from Germany. Soon I got used to everything that is different though and now I feel at home. But I am actually very glad that there is such a gap. It is very fascinating being here and I have made so many memorable experiences in such a short time that it simultaneously feels like I have been here for years or only a few weeks since time really does fly.

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