My Experience in India as volunteer- Marie!

My Experience in India as volunteer- Marie!

My name is Marie, I’m from Belgium and I spent 2 months as a volunteer in Mangalore, South India.


At the beginning it was a bit difficult as there are so many differences between India and Belgium but now I’m used to the hot weather, the food, etc. The only thing I’m still not used to the crowded buses! But India is a wonderful country full of colours, music, religions and nice people! It was for sure a great experience! I worked at Inchara Foundation for Project Angel, a project against child sexual abuses. The team was really nice with me, it is a small team with only 3 people and they work on many projects. I helped them by making some communication materials and organizing with them an event to inform people about the Project Angel.

I had also the opportunity to visit some schools, orphanages and other NGO in or around Mangalore. I had sometimesVolunteer-India to work on my own because the team was very busy on other projects. During these 2 months I stayed at Leena’s house in KC road. Leena is a very nice person and was always trying to help me. She lives with her uncle as her husband is working abroad. I went with her to a Hindu festival, Hindu and Muslim weddings, to shopping malls, to the beaches, etc. I had very nice moments with her and she helped me to understand the Indian culture.

I have to say that everybody was always very friendly with me and I will miss Leena and also my colleagues from Inchara Foundation.

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