My Volunteering Experience in India- Sabrina Seebacker – Mahakali Kindergarden- 2 months

My Volunteering Experience in India- Sabrina Seebacker – Mahakali Kindergarden- 2 months

The impacts…..

The children are so interested in learning and playing, but they have no chance without any things to learn or to play with


Changes and Overcome…….

What I thought oh my god, in what cultural shock am i?

I thought India is not a land for me, but this really has changed. The people are very nice, the nature is beautiful, and I hope once in my life i can travel around India.

The new skills gained….

To be more patient, and ask for everything…also it was my first time to work with children, and I learned a lot from them, for example being happy with the smallest thing.

Host family….

They are very strict…and they treated me like a 10 year old child, but it was still an experience

That life and growing up for children in here is not so easy than in Europe, because they have very much rules to learn

They learned from me to be open… they saw that also a human with strange hairs can be ok

Opinion on facilitate intercultural learning….

Like as it is

3 best experiences….

  1. The eating
  2. Met very friendly ‘heart full’ Indian people
  3. Travelling around and see how different India is


Overall experience.

I think I have to come back home first for this

 Final comments…..

Thank you FSL India for your work J


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