Cultural Event-Kundapur

Cultural Event-Kundapur

FSL India organized Cultural Event for regular volunteer on 13th May 2016.  The volunteer Sarah Abgrall who is working in Mangalore-South India. This month cultural event focused on Hindu ritual called Koola.


In the evening at 5.00pm volunteer come to Mangalore. FSL India coordinator explained the plan of culture events then we went to Somantheshwara temple and Someshwara beach at Mangalore. The historical Somanath temple constructed during the rule of the famous queen Abbakka Devi is situated in the north side. After visting temple we went to Someshawra beach he north end of Someshwara beach has the ancient Someshwara Temple. The temple is believed to have been constructed by Queen Abakka Devi of Ullal.

Then we visit the house they arranged a Bhoothda Koola (Devotional folk dance). Volunteers look so                              excited to visit Indian family and watch Devotional folk dance After 8.30PM we went Culture event place then we get a nice food in that event ceremony it is a very good experience more than 100 people participated after the dinner we went to watch Bothada Koola for the volunteer it is the 1st time she is very much excited to watch. Usually Bhothada Koola starts from 7.30PM to 6.00AM.  Bhoothda Koola is traditionally presented from dusk to dawn. The ritual performance at a bhothada koola or daiva nema involves music, dance, recital, and elaborate costumes. Recitals in old tulu recount the origins of the deity and tell the story of how it came to the present location. Bhoota Kola is a form of “Bhuta Ardane” or worship of holy spirits, widely followed in south Canara is a Holy sprite, widely followed in south Canara. Even though the volunteers did not understand the dialogues as the play played in Kannada and Tulu language, but they enjoyed the dance, acting and their colourful dress. At the end of the play facilitator explained about the play to the volunteer in English. Up to 12.30AM we watch Koola.

 Feedback from volunteers.

It was nice to discover a new thing in Indian culture. The dance and costumes were beautiful. The beach and   temple was very beautiful. Thank you to share this family event with me. Culture visit was very good. It was very interesting and nice. I had a good time and it was very interesting to see the temple Thank you.  “I enjoyed myself very much at home at the temple and at the beach. Thank you very much”..

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