Our teaching project at Annai Rani Convent School

Our teaching project at Annai Rani Convent School

Since January, me  Miriam and Paula, have the pleasure of giving lessons to the students of a private English school in Katterikuppam, a village close to Pondicherry.

Volunteering- India

Thanks to the warm welcome of our idealistic and ambitious school heads and contact person, we soon adapted to our new work environment and found our place. The teachers at  Annai Rani are mostly young and motivated women who supported us from the very beginning. The school is very modern concerning its teaching concepts and equipment, which are inspired by western standards.

Our work mostly includes teaching Spoken English to the primary section of the school which consists of 18 classes from L.K.G. to 5th standard. To each class we are giving 3 periods weekly, what gives us a lot of work on the one hand, but a lot of joy and precious experiences on the other hand.

Our goal is basically to take away their shyness of talking in English. That means teaching simple words like fruits and vegetables and their pronunciation to the small children (who melt our hearts with their cuteness) and easy phrases for small conversations to 1st and 2nd Standard. To the older ones we are introducing basic grammar like word families and tenses. Of course we do not want to forget the fun, which we bring to our lessons through games, songs and outside activities.

And everyday we can see the progress our students make. While the small ones improve their writing and reading skills, the older students loose their fear of making mistakes whilst speaking. Not only the children but also the two of us are growing with our challenges.

Due to exams in the primary school, we are now facing the task of teaching 9th and 11th standard, what is a completely new but valuable experience for us.

All in all, we have a wonderful time here in our project and are very sad that it will come to an end so soon!

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