Empowering the Children to Know their Rights!!

Empowering the Children to Know their Rights!!

On 5th April, 2016 FSl India organized a children Rally “To raise voice against” the public encroachments and social evils against the school located in Sengadu Panchayath village.

 Volunteering- India

Background: In 16th Happy Move Camp (FSL India hands with Hyundai steel Company) has done construction and renovation for the school infrastructure development. Because, the school property like Toilets, water tank, pipe line, windows, wall paintings  were damaged by the individuals in and around the village during night time and school vacation. And also, they use the school class rooms as a Bar and clubs to play cards. Some innocent group of children; jump into the school campus and defecate and urinate in school verandas and path ways.Volunteering- India

This was focused and to keep stop mark to those kinds of social evils, the children rally were organized in Sengadu Adi-Dravidar and Panchayat primary School.  Nearly 70 children include School management, women Self Help Group members were participated in the rally. The students were given flash card (written Slogans) against the social evils and procession followed in the village road and children raised their voice against the school property damage need to be controlled.

This rally has empowered the children somehow to know their right in their education…


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