Cultural meet- Kundapur!

Cultural meet- Kundapur!

In Kundapur, this month cultural meet was focused on an actual cultural experience. We took our three volunteers to Indian marriage.


In the morning we started our travel from the meeting point to marriage hall. In front of the hall we were welcomed with one of the famous sweet Navarathna juice and live saxophone and drums music. After juice we went inside the hall there were around 300 people were sitting in front of colorfully decorated stage on which bride and bridegroom were standing surrounded by their families. It was very nice that we sat in front of the stage.  After some minutes the priest started wedding ritual. Following the priest the couple preformed all the marriage rituals. Volunteers were interested to see the Hindu marriage performance.

After the ceremony guests started to gather on the stage to take photo with the newly married couple and to wish them a ‘Happy married life. We too joined the line and wished them all the best.  Afterwards we moved to have lunch in the big food hall.  There were about three different curries and two different rice and even more different vegetables and three different sweets. The food was delicious and we enjoyed it. After the lunch we stayed sometimes in the hall, and then we left the hall and travel back to Kundapur. Volunteers said it was worthy program from FSL India because they were looking forward to the see new cultural experience as Indian weddings are much different compared to the weddings functions in Germany. They enjoyed the marriage function.

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