Vegetable harvesting in our Training Centre kitchen garden!

Vegetable harvesting in our Training Centre kitchen garden!

It has been a long, challenging and hard process but we are really happy to let you all know that we are already harvesting some of the vegetables from out kitchen garden in FSL India Training Centre, Kundapur. We have already prepared delicious ‘brinjal palia’ (Indian side dish made out of brinjal, aubergine) and mango chutney (with our spicy chillies) and we expect to cook many more meals out of them.


As many of you might know, in our training centre we are implementing SAP-K (Sustainable Agriculture Project- Kundapur) and one of our aims is to produce everything we need on a daily basis for everyone staying here, in an organic way.

This is the reason why we consider these days to be so rewarding for us. After overcoming challenges such as peacocks, monkeys, cows and many other animals enjoying our delicious vegetables before us, we are finally managing to grow tasty, healthy, organic vegetables.

Volunteer-India Volunteer-India

This is the result of the effort put by many people. We are many permanent staff and volunteers daily working for SAP-K and we cannot forget the help for work camp volunteers all over these months who have supported us with activities like preparing the land, fencing, sowing seeds, preparing compost, and so on.

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