Cultural meet- Kundapur!

Cultural meet- Kundapur!

The culture events held on 18th March 2016 with 5 volunteers. Every month we’ve cultural events for our volunteers where we take our regular them to any cultural and historical places which located in and around Kundapur.

Volunteer-India-Cultural visit

On 18th March, FSL India staff explained the plan of culture events to the volunteers then we went to Kumbshi Sri Anegudde vinayaka temple. 1st we went Sri Durga temple then we gone to the Temple pond. Secondly,we all visited to Ayyappa temple and Vinaykka temple take “Dharshna” then went for temple food. Volunteers were really surprise because they are serving the food in a big hall to lots of people and so many varieties of food. Finally, we all went to Kodi light house and beach volunteers enjoyed the every movements.

 Feedback from volunteers.

– I like the cultural event. The temple was interesting and the food was awesome. I like most the light house and the beach. Thank you for the last day!

– I liked the visit of the temple and the light house. the visit was really beautiful.

– The cultural meeting was nice. Although I already visited many temples it’s always nice to eat lunch there. Going to Prabhu juice centre and light house was very good and going by the Jeep is always a lot of fun and kind of adventure being at the beach is also

– The culture meeting was very interesting. We visit 3 temples. Then we drive to the light house in kundapura. That was very nice idea. At last we go to the beach. The time we spend that was very nice.

– It my first cultural meeting. I like it very much. The best thing was the light house and swimming in the sea. It was also very interning to visit the temple and to beach. Everything and everybody was very funny.

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