STC Contact person meeting- January!

STC Contact person meeting- January!

Sea turtle project Contact person meeting held on 5th January at training center. 8 contact person from different area participated and actively discussed about Sea turtle related issues. They are protecting wounded  sea turtles in their places.

Volunteer-India Volunteer-India

In this meeting ID card for Contact person distributed , this  ID card authorized by forest department. CP got this ID card after 5 year which made them happy to identify themselves in this work. Contact persons discussed about how they can strengthen this group in future. Mr. Jeevan from FSL India explained contact persons about their future plans and how they can help to protect environment. Mr. Basava Bhandari senior accountant from Training center distributed the ID cards. In this meeting  FSL-India’s New year greetings card also handover d to them. All Contact person felt happy to associate with FSL to create Good environment to the future generation. HBP volunteers, Staff also participated in this meeting.


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