Cultural meet- Kundapur

Cultural meet- Kundapur

FSL India has hosted 5 long Term Volunteers for this month’s cultural event. In the beginning facilitator let introduction of participants and explained about next activities. Volunteers look so excited to visit Hindu temple and to see cave.



In the first we visited a small temple called Shani mahatma. The place is surrounding by a small river. One of the priest explained the history of temple. The volunteer visited Navagraha stage and came to know all 9 gods’ responsibility and power.

Later the volunteer visited Durgaparameshwari temple. One of the familiar explained the mythology of the place. Then we went to holy food place and had very delicious food there. The people from temple were very happy that western youth are showing interest in Indian culture.


One of the guide took us to cave place. Volunteers were very curies to see the cave. The cave was very natural. The guide explained about the story that why the cave has come out.  It was very dark inside but all volunteers and staff had torch. We also saw bats in the cave.

We, all LTV staff, consider this Cultural Event to be a success. Moreover, according to the volunteer’s feedback, it has actually been successful given that all feedback we have received is really positive. Everything worked well and we are really satisfied with our work and results.

  Volunteer-India-CMFeedback from volunteer about Cultural Event:

“I am very happy for the CE experience, for me it was very interesting to see Pooja in the temple try to understand more about the Hindu religious. It was very nice to spend the time with other volunteers in different activities and not only in the project. The staff from FSL India was very nice and fun. They explained nicely. I am enjoyed the experience. Thanks.”

“It was very nice. I really enjoyed. The temple was so fascinated and the names too. Everything was so lovely.”

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